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Posted on 06-01-2011


Headaches are very, very common.  There are a vast number of possible causes for headaches, ranging from very benign and easily treatable, to emergencies requiring immediate referral.  Simply said, it's best not to let headaches go without having them evaluated by a health care professional skilled in differentiating between the types of headaches.

Types of headaches typically include:  cervicogenic (headache generated from the neck), migraine (headache primarily related to the nervous and vascular systems), tension (a less clear version of migraine-like, possibly stress- or medication-related, or muscular headache), and cluster (headache, usually felt behind the eye, triggered by alcohol or certain foods, probably caused by imbalance of the autonomic nervous system or involved with the trigeminal cranial nerve).

Most headaches have at least some contribution from the neck.  There is plenty of true research[1] and meta-analysis evidence to suggest that the neck is a primary cause of the vast majority of headaches, and that chiropractic care can provide quick and very effective relief.

Headaches can usually be treated very effectively by the services provided by Dixon Center.  For the other, more emergent cases, we can determine the need for immediate or medical referral, and otherwise begin treatment as appropriate.  Call today for an evaluation!  646-1003

[1]Becker, WJ.  Headache. 2010 Apr;50(4):699-705

Dahrann said:

This is way bteetr than a brick & mortar establishment.

2011-08-05 17:46:40

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